North Shore

  north shore

The 30 miles of rocky coastline north of Boston are punctuated with long sandy beaches, rugged fishing ports, and sparkling sailing harbors. Nautical lore and the ghosts of the witches past offer fascinating glimpses into the region’s rich history.

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Lexington and Concord


 lexington and concord 1

Lexington is called the birthplace of American liberty. On its Green, April 19, 1775, eight Minutemen were killed in what is traditionally considered the first organized fight of the War for Independence. It is still possible to visualize the battle of Lexington. Down the street came the British, 700 strong. To the right of the Green is the tavern the militia used as headquarters. It was here that 77 Minutemen lined up near the west end of the Green, facing down the Charlestown road. Nearby is a boulder with a plaque bearing the words of Captain John Parker, spoken just before the Redcoats opened fire, “ Stand your ground. Don’t fire unless fired upon. But if they mean to have a war let it begin here!” It did-the fight then moved on to Concord.

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Kennebunkport, Maine

Lobster Dinner

The charms of Kennebunkport are many: tasty native Lobsters, a quaint harbor, plenty of galleries and shops and a beautiful rocky coast in either direction. Its scenic beauty and cool climate attracts many visitors during the summer months. Historically, Kennebunkport has been a key participant in the shipping industry of Maine, dating back to the 1800’s, when many ships were built and sent to sea from its harbor. Folks settling this area were bound to the sea, and today the seafaring culture is still very much in evidence.

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 gloucester 1

America’s oldest seaport is also the home of America’s oldest art colony. Located on Cape Ann and surrounded by the sea, Gloucester’s maritime heritage is as rich and dramatic. Just 40 miles north of Boston, Gloucester offers art galleries, whale watches, live theater, deep-sea fishing, festivals, beaches, schooners to watch and sail on, outdoor dining, and quaint shops. Approximate 45 minute drive from Boston.

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Camden, Maine


 Camden maine 1

Camden is the quintessential coastal Maine village. Set at the foot of the wooded Camden Hills on a picturesque harbor that no Hollywood movie set could improve, the affluent village of Camden has attracted the gentry of the eastern seaboard for more than a century. Recreational activities include boat cruises and boat rentals, swimming, fishing, camping, hiking and picnicking, as well as winter activities.

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Best Beaches

 Best Beaches

Only a few miles outside Boston are some choice seaside spots that are clean, beautiful, and much easier to get to than Cape Cod (which can be a fairly grueling drive from Beantown on a summer weekend). Realizing that every beach has something slightly different to offer, we have profiled four of the beaches that we consider best in categories of interest to various types of beachgoers.

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